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Industrial Paint for Cathodic Protection

This impressive industrial paint solution combines many advantages in order to prevent corrosion: an active or galvanic protection, a passive barrier protection, and an easy application. In order to offer a galvanic protection, a zinc concentration of at least 92% has to be present in the dry extract. Having 96% of zinc in the dry film, Seaguard by Zinga certainly meets this condition.


A one pack coating that contains 96% zinc in the dry film and provides cathodic protection of ferrous metals. It has various uses and applications.

Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga offers the film galvanizing system in an aerosol spray for easy applications.

Seaguard Aluspray by Zinga is ideal for the repairing and touching up of damaged or old hot-dipped, Seaguard Aluspray by Zinga or other zinc coated structures.

A two pack 100% water-based anti-corrosion system based on inorganic zinc silicates and provides cathodic protection to ferrous metals.

Can be applied either without primer on an old, non-corroded hot-dip galvanization or metallization layer or as topcoat on top of Seagurd by Zinga

Used as solvent for Seaguard Film Galvanizing System products

What is SEAGUARD by Zinga?

Seguard by Zinga is a one component zinc rich coating or Film Galvanizing System containing 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film. It is a metallic coating and not a paint. The purity of the zinc used is so high that dry Seguard by Zinga does not contain any toxic elements.

Seguard by Zinga is a unique form of corrosion protection because it provides both active and passive protection in a form that's as easy to apply as a paint. Read more


Seaguard by Zinga can be used as a stand-alone system, shop primer, in a duplex system or as a repair for worn and damaged hot-dip galvanized or metal sprayed structures such as towers.

Seaguard by Zinga can be applied by using a normal paintbrush, a short-fibre roller (not for the first coat) or a conventional or airless spray-gun. It can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions and has one of the fastest drying times in the coating industry. Read more






Seaguard by Zinga

Film Galvanizing System

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